Green Left is an association of Green Party members which started in June 2006 when 36 Green Party members agreed its launch statement (the Headcorn Declaration), as Sarah Farrow GL co-convenor said then: “Activists in the Green Party have founded Green Left because many Greens believe the only path to an ecological, economically and socially just and peaceful society has to be based on an anti-capitalist political agenda.” As well as the Headcorn Declaration Green left supports the ECOSOCIALIST MANIFESTO.

Green Left is not a part of the Green party of England and Wales, it is not funded by GPEW and does not stand candidates in governmental elections in its own right.

To find our more about the Green party and the aims of Green left, please follow the links below:

GREEN LEFT MEETINGS, CONFERENCES and EVENTSGreen left holds public meetings at appproximately monthly intervals. Minutes of our AGM are on the meetings page. Video Clips from several recent Green Left public meetings are posted on the blog.Next meetings

The next Green Left Steering Committee will be at the Royal Festival Hall, 1st floor, (above the Nelson Mandela Statue side entrance) at 7pm on Tuesday July 13th. Please send all agenda items to Andy Hewett or Teresa Delaney.

The Summer Event is likely to be held in Cambridge in late July/early August.

The AGM of Green Left was held on Saturday 19th June

A new committee was elected (details on website), minutes will be posted but there will now be new arrangements for posting them which will be notified via email, blogs etc.

To find our more about Green Left meetings etc please follow the link below:

GREEN LEFT NEWSLETTER Copies of Newsletter Spring 2009 PDF available, click here http://gptu.net/gleft/GLNSPRING09.pdf.Copies of Newsletter Autumn 2009 PDF available, click here http://gptu.net/gleft/nl3rded.pdf.

Copies of Newsletter Spring 2010 PDF available, click here http://gptu.net/gleft/glnewsspring2010.pdf.

Statement from GL re Birmingham 30/9/2009 The following statement was agreed unanimously last night by the Steering Group of Green Left.”Green Left calls upon our fellow Green Party members in Birmingham not to stand a candidate in the constituency of Birmingham Hall Green in the coming general election in order to give a strong, progressive and environmentally aware candidate the chance of taking the seat. We believe that Salma Yaqoob of Respect is the candidate most likely to do this and her victory would be a victory for all those opposing the policies of privatisation, war, greed, racism and environmental destruction.

We believe that this is an opportunity for the progressive movement in Birmingham to unite behind one candidate and not to make the mistakes of the European election, where a divided Left opened the way to the election of racists and bigots. For the benefit of the people of Birmingham and of radical politics in this country we ask the Green Party in Birmingham to stand aside and not to oppose Salma Yaqoob. We are firmly of the belief that this will benefit both the Green and progressive movements in this country and send out a signal that we are serious in challenging the neo-liberal economic policies of the three main parties as well as Fascism and racism.”

Joseph Healy

Co-Convenor Green Left

GREEN LEFT COMMITTEE Green Left ‘s Committee is elected by Green left members at AGMs. It carries out the decisions of Green left meetings. To find our more about the Green Left Committee, please follow the link below:
Click here for more information about how to Join Green Left.

1 Response to “Home”

  1. 1 Jarley
    August 31, 2010 at 5:46 am

    Dear Friends from GL:

    I am sending you this message from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
    I know GL is UK based, but I think that the ideas expresed in your “manifestos” are important not only to GL members but to any socialist in the world who still belive that socialism is deeply connected with ecologic concerns – better saying, both are inseparable.
    I’d like to stay in contact with you, to learn from your experiences, initiatives… I am sure both Manifestos can contribute to a new way of thinking Democratic socialism in general.
    If you decide sometime to make it available in other languages, count on me to translate it into portuguese language.

    My best wishes to all of you!

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